Breaking: Terrorist Attack In France Leaves More Than 73 Dead

A truck has rammed into a large crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice in southern France. Media reports have indicated that upto 60 people have died in the attack.

Initial reports had hinted that the truck was out of control and rammed into a large crowd, but later pictures showed that bullets had been fired at the truck in an attempt to stop it. Eyewitness stated that a man emerged from the truck and started shooting at the crowd. According to French TV, over 100,000 people were present at the site.

This video shows the crowd fleeing the scene after the attack.

“I was there. Right there. After the fireworks, we just moved to eat some ice cream and we heard a big crash. Someone screamed GUN. people ran in panic. We hid in a open building. Waited 15 min, police friend called to say GO BACK HOME, there is a suspected attack. Just reached home. TV says 60 people dead.”, said a Reddit user.

Nice is a popular tourist destination in the south of France. The site of the attack, the Promenade des Anglais, is its most important thoroughfare, and it was the site of the celebrations for Bastille Day, France’s national day. The attack took place as large crowds had gathered at the Promenade to take part into the celebrations.

Update: The death toll has risen to 73. Over a hundred are believed to be injured.

Update 2: Dutch media is reporting that Islamic State has taken responsibility for the attack.

Update 3: Video of the truck ramming into the crowd.

Update 4: The driver of the truck is confirmed to be dead. Police are trying to determine if he acted alone.