Oyo Rooms Unveils New Logo

It’s the season of logo changes. After Google surprised industry watchers and consumers alike with its sleek new logo, and Verizon unveiled theirs after their acquisition of AOL, it’s time for a firm closer home to come up with a new brand identity. Oyo Rooms, the 3 year old budget booking app, has come up with a new logo.

The logo was unveiled over a period of 2 hours on Facebook and Twitter through a series of posts.

With users on Twitter and Facebook speculating what the new logo would look like, the company finally unveiled its new persona.

oyo logos

The new logo retains the red of the previous version, albeit with a slightly brighter tone. The squiggly placement of Oyo and the slightly lopsided location marker have given way to a more erect marker and straight laced font. Having grown at break-neck speed over the last 3 years, the company is now a major player in the online hotels space, and the straight lines seem to represent of a calmer, more mature Oyo.

While Oyo will have to spend considerable effort in transmitting the logo change across its properties (changing the hoardings for 2200 hotels doesn’t sound like fun), reactions to the new logo appeared to be broadly positive.