Paytm CEO Burns Flipkart After It Delays The Joining Dates Of Its Campus Hires

If rubbing salt into one’s wounds could have a virtual manifestation, this has to be it. Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma has magnanimously announced that their company would be happy to take on the graduates who’d been left in the lurch after Flipkart delayed their joining dates. And it isn’t a mere formal announcement – Sharma has taken to Twitter to share memes about what’s transpiring. He just retweeted this:

This couldn’t be better publicity for Paytm, which competes directly with Flipkart in its e-commerce business. While Flipkart has had a rough couple of months, with senior level exits and valuation cuts, Paytm seems to have been doing alright – it recently announced that it had enough cash to last for 5 years.

And by offering to take on helpless Flipkart hires who were facing the prospect of being unemployed for 6 long months, Paytm has just positioned itself as reliable,trustworthy, and willing to step in when needed – all while making Flipkart look like the bad guy.

While Paytm had released its first video commercial yesterday, this incident might just prove to be its best advertisement yet.