Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma Issues Statement On Viral Video

Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma has finally spoken out about the video that had gone viral which showed him giving a passionate speech at Paytm’s annual party.


The video, which was originally published by OfficeChai, showed Sharma addressing his employees while on stage with rapper Raftaar. Sharma had claimed that Paytm had achieved in one year what other companies couldn’t in 10, and had said that Paytm should think big as to cause its competition to “wet its pants.” The video had also shown Sharma to use some colourful language while on stage.

“I now see that my remarks at Paytm annual event have been discussed widely and a bit out of context too,” said Sharma who’d been attending the World Economic Forum in Davos over the last few days. “On the day, I was hugely energized by the infectious spirit of thousands of our team mates who work so hard everyday to serve our merchants and customers. I come to work everyday for their remarkable energy and commitment and wanted to communicate to each of them that they are appreciated and their efforts are making a difference.”

Sharma also seemed to hit a contrite tone in his statement. “In retrospect, I could have chosen some words better. I have never taken anything for granted and won’t ever either. We will continue to do our best to serve sincerely.”

Onilne opinion had been fiercely split following the publication of the video. Some people had praised Sharma’s passion, while others had criticized his language and tone. Several commentators had even brought up Paytm’s supposed links with the Modi government, and said that his success was thanks to the demonetization move.

The Paytm CEO, though, has earned a name for himself with his charged-up performances during his company’s annual party. Last year, before the demonetization exercise and before Paytm became a household name, he had given a remarkably similar speech. Like this year, that speech had also contained some strong language, and had talked about Paytm’s growth and progress.


Several members of the startup community had strongly come up in support of Sharma. Medianama founder Nikhil Pahwa had tweeted that Sharma hadn’t been high at the party, because he doesn’t drink of get high, and attributed his language to passion and competitiveness.