Some Employers In The UK Provide “Paw-ternity Leave” To Pet Owners

Having a pet is a beautiful and life changing aspect. But anyone who’s ever got a pet at home knows how time consuming it can be. Training the new puppy, taking him for walks, getting them acclimated to the new environment, and above all catching a breath while doing all of it, needs a lot of time.

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And the UK companies appreciate this fact. A recent report found out that as many as 5% of UK employers give their pet-owner employees what’s adorably called “Paw-ternity leaves”. The leaves can be taken by new pet owners to spend time with their new family and carry out all the responsibilities associated with getting one. The British pet-insurance provider Petplan found that nearly 5 percent of new pet owners in the UK were offered time off to care for their four-legged kids. 

The UK already triggered the menstruation leave campaign with a company in Brighton pioneering the concept by giving 3 days of leave to its women employees for that time of the month.  The UK is also progressive when to maternity leave, offering up to 39 weeks of paid leave for new mothers.

With pet leaves, and offices that allow pets, the UK and the US seem to be great countries to have pets. Meanwhile in India, while Indian entrepreneurs may be going all out and starting pet startups, Indian companies don’t seem to be very pet friendly. Pet leaves policies like these can only be dreamed of in India, where cruelty to animals is rampant and ensuring a decent standard of living for human beings is more of a primary concern at the moment.