Square Yards Helps Its Employees Own Their Homes This Diwali

Diwali usually means a nice little gift for most office workers. This is usually a box of sweets, or if their company is feeling generous, dry fruits. But the employees at Square Yards have it a little better than the others come festive season. Their company has decided to fund the downpayment of their brand new homes.


Square Yards is a global real estate aggregator based out of Mumbai. Started in 2013 with 3 employees, the company now has 950 people on its rolls across 26 geographies. Quite fittingly for a real estate company, the company decided to make it easier for its employees to own homes. This Diwali, Square Yards tied up with a few developers and funded the downpayment of their employees’ homes. After the down payment, employees would not need to pay anything till the possession of the home, which means that all employees and existing clients of Square Yards would be able to buy homes for free this festive season.

“This step is a part of the company’s gesture to show gratitude to the hundreds of employees and clients whose support, dedication and trust has helped us to ramp up much faster than we would have anticipated,” said Square Yards CEO Tanuj Shori. 

Square Yards’ gesture is a far cry from the rest of the startups this year, some of which haave seen tumultuous times with firings and downsizings this festive season.