StackOverflow Briefly Went Down Yesterday, And Programmers Everywhere Lost Their Minds


Computer Science engineers across the world had spent a very torrid half an hour yesterday.

It wasn’t because of a new superbug that was threatening their systems, or because a global mandate had declared that they must wear formals at work. StackOverflow, the computer programmer’s bible, had a brief outage.

StackOverflow is an online community in which Computer Science engineers  help each other with programming questions. Through its repository that spans several years, it has questions and answers on nearly any programming problem that one might encounter. And with its reassuring presence suddenly going missing, programmers everywhere ended up feeling a little lost.

Soon panic set in.

The creative ones put their meme hats on.


Some chose the easy way out.


Others wondered about the ramifications on global programming productivity.


And a global problem it was – there were Tweets in French, Spanish, German and Italian. The world had cried out in terror as one.




Someone, though, was perhaps asking the most important question of all.