A GQ Magazine-Like Resume Landed Him A Job At GQ London Even Without An Interview

In an increasingly competitive job market, getting noticed is the first hard step towards employment. While most people bank on the content within their resume, and a fair bit of luck to get that coveted job, some make the resume itself their focal selling point.

20 year old Sumukh Mehta is one such enterprising job aspirant. After graduating from the College Of Management Studies, Jain University, Bangalore, Mehta was on a job hunt and wanted to be hired in the media field.

He hit upon the genius idea of applying to fashion magazine GQ by making his resume in the style of the magazine itself.

However, unlike Nina Mufleh’s creative resume for AirBnB, or Akash Mittal’s resume for Flipkart, Mehta’s resume actually landed him the job.

“The twenty-page resume featured is modeled after the original GQ Magazine, took me 3 weeks to complete, and required photo-shoots, content writing and graphic designing. My efforts impressed Editor-in-Chief of British GQ, Dylan Jones, who extended me an offer to come work at their London office, without any interview process.”, says Sumukh on his Facebook profile. (He also has his own Facebook page now!)

Have a look at the series of photos that made the winning “resume”.

Sumukh Mehta GQ Magazine


Sumukh Mehta GQ magazine Resume