Tesla Model 3 Opens Bookings In India

Tesla’s latest electric car, the Model 3, has had a worldwide launch amidst much excitement – it has received $3.5 billion worth of pre-orders for a car that no one’s seen and will only start to roll out in 2018. But what makes this car unique it is it was open for reservations at a handful of countries outside the US, and that included India.

Bookings for the car can be made for $1000 on the Tesla website.

Tesla’s Model 3 is the company’s attempt to make an electric car affordable for the common buyer. While its price tag of $35,000 (Rs. 23 lakh) isn’t exactly affordable, especially in India, the car is still much cheaper than other electric cars available in the market. 

The car will be able to run around 320 kilometers on a single charge. But just because it runs on electricity doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with bells and whistles – the car shall have Tesla’s semi-self-driving feature, a large touchscreen, and something called “ludicrous acceleration” mode.

And Indians seem to be lapping it up. Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma has already registered his, as others are scrambling to get theirs too.