TinyOwl Co-founder Turns To Facebook To Look For New Tenants For Its Closed Offices

TinyOwl had closed its offices in Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, Chennai and Hyderabad in dramatic circumstances in October, with a founder being held hostage in the Pune office for over 48 hours by the laid off employees. Now with all the offices lying vacant, TinyOwl’s founder has taken to Facebook to find new owners for them.

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Tanuj Khandelwal, one of TinyOwl’s 5 founders, has been posting this message on several Facebook groups. According to sources, TinyOwl had long term leases on its offices, and is now under pressure to find new occupants for them. The lease amounts run into lakhs.

TinyOwl, which has raised $27 million so far, including a $7.6 million Series C round a day before it fired over a 100 employees, has been restructuring as it tries to compete in India’s crowded food delivery space. In a statement after its mass firing, the company has said that it was closing its offices in a bid towards optimizing its resources and spending more heavily on more robust backend technology.