Breaking: Coup Attempt In Turkey; President Forced To Make Statement On Facetime

Extraordinary scenes are unfolding in Turkey right now as the military has attempted a coup in the country. An hour ago, Istanbul airport was closed and incoming flights diverted, tanks appeared on public roads and its official TV station was taken over. The military broadcast a simple message to Turkey’s 75 million people – they were taking over.

The Turkish President, meanwhile, was in a city several hours away from Istanbul. With no access to his official TV station, Erdoğan was forced to make a statement on Facetime while live on a private broadcaster. He urged the Turkish public to get onto the streets and squares and show the military that they couldn’t throw over a democratically elected government.

While things are very chaotic in Turkey right now, this is perhaps the first instance of a head of state addressing his nation through Apple’s popular video chat service.