Women Employees Should Not Loiter Around, Government Circular Says

The Karnataka Legislature Secretariat seems to have a problem. If a circular it has issued is to be believed, it is beset by women who “unnecessarily walk in its corridors”. Displeased by this obviously unsatisfactory state of affairs, Speaker Kagodu Thimmappa issued a stern circular hoping to curb the loitering women menace.



“Some officials and employees of this Secretariat are still found gathering in groups, talking loudly on mobile phone, and women employees unnecessarily walk in the corridors during office hours. This type of behaviour will not only disturb official functioning but also reflects indiscipline.”, the circular says.

While the circular mentions that “some employees” are found gathering in groups, it singles out women for the unnecessary  walking. Mr. Kagodu Thimmappa also possibly imagines that the women employees are discussing cooking recipes and the latest saas-bahu soaps on their jaunts through the Assembly corridors. 

Women understandably have not taken kindly at this slight on their rights to mobility. Some of the women employees said as part of their duties they have to move from one place to another and if it is described as loitering or wasting time, it is very unfortunate and ultimately work will suffer.

We only wish this was a Faking News article.