Yahoo Renamed Altaba By Verizon And The Twitter Jokes Recount Its Sad Story

It’s truly the end of an era with Yahoo being officially over. Its beleaguered CEO Ex-Googler Marissa Mayer has left the company with a $55 million severance package and the new owners Verizon have decided to do away with the name Yahoo. Yahoo has been renamed ‘Altaba’, and the internet has some strong reactions on the oddball name.

1. Because Altaba also happens to be a prescription drug.

2. Are we sure it’s Verizon and not Alibaba that’s bought the company?

3.  Verizon’s paid  for $4.83 Billion for Yahoo’s core business.

4.  Ouch.

5. …but Google is worth $495 billion.



7. Remember the millions of compromised emails?

8. It really was that simple

9. More ouch.

10. It just doesn’t end, unlike Yahoo.