10 tricks To Appear Smart In Meetings

“You don’t seem to be interested in the job”- Have you got this feedback from your manager, based on just a meeting? I have.

How you come across at meetings could be the difference between being uninterested and looking as the raging genius and the motivated employee par excellence you never were.

The folks at The Cooper Review have illustrated the best solutions to deal with a boring meeting and yet manage to look smart, confident and completely on the page with the goings-on at the meeting.

Try these now and watch all those stellar reviews come your way. (But don’t come running after us, if you get fired in the process)

1. Your MBA is bound to show.


2. It’s all a numbers game. 


3. Be the hero of the meetingappear-smart-in-meetings-officechai.com


4. Make sure to have a note pad, and nod meaningfully.appear-smart-in-meetings-officechai.com

5. Interpret the obviousappear-smart-in-meetings-officechai.com

6. Scaleability Schemalibility



7. It helps you process faster, of course.



8.  I need to not pay attention to that again.appear-smart-in-meetings-officechai.com

9.  Hello, yes yes, I’d like that insurance policy.



10. “I’m so poor I couldn’t pay attention to a single thing you’ve said”appear-smart-in-meetings-officechai.com