12 Crazy Workplace Accidents That Will Make You Go Ouch

Think jobs, and the most dire situation that you’d think that could arise is a particularly bad case of the Monday blues. Not really. Workplaces are fraught with their own set of risks, and dangerous accidents are common. Some jobs are riskier for your health and safety than others, but as you’ll see, even in seemingly boring desk job in an IT company, hazards can arise out of nowhere.

1. Some jobs are inherently risky. Especially the ones in which you share your working space with a large, rampaging mammal.



2. Or the ones in which you share your working space with angry footballers. Poor Matarazzi never saw that coming.



3. Sometimes danger lurks up to you from behind.

horse_accident_with_reporter (1)


4. While at other times, it’s staring you right in the face.

Man_Throws_Shoes_At_Bush (2)


5. Accidents must hurt more when they happen when there are thousands of eyes trained right at you.

10_Painful_Falls_Off_Stage (3)


6. Sometimes you only have yourself to blame. Hopefully he had insurance.

Bad_Day_at_Work_Compilation_2015 (1)


7. Climbing the corporate ladder is not easy.

Workplace_Accidents_Prevent_it (3)


8. And there is many a slip between the mouth and the cup.


And this is why it’s important to install good quality fire protection equipment in your office.


9. Even the most seemingly innocuous professions can involve you creating a splash.

Funny_Photographer_Accident (2)


10. And an ordinary day in the office can end up with a visit to the hospital.



11. If you play with fire, you’re bound to get burnt. A magician’s trick goes up in flames. 

Magician_s_Head_Set_On_Fire_In_TV_Prank_Official_HD (2)


12. But things can go just as wrong when you’re out there, just standing in front of a worldwide audience and talking about your company. 

BMW_CEO_faints_during_news_conference_at_Frankfurt_Auto_Show (1)


Whatever the nature of your job, things can go horribly wrong. Thankfully health insurance exists to protect us and our loved ones from such health emergencies. Protect yourself with a health insurance policy from Cigna TTK today.

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