18 Thoughts Every Web Designer & Developer Goes Through

Web developers the people responsible for all the beautiful websites and apps you see around. They’re indispensable, respected and sometimes come with a sense of humour. Here are some reactions and frustrations of a web developer and designer, captured through these very apt GIFs.

1. When I finally find a tutorial to help me code functionality I’ve been stuck on for ages and I feel lost halfway through.


2.  When a major wordpress update is released when I’m slammed with other work. 


3. My codependent relationship with 1Password


4. When a client talks about building their site using frames 


5. When clients still try to tell me that users don’t scroll on websites so I link them to a bunch of studies showing otherwise.



6. When I go to update a client’s WordPress website that they haven’t updated in well over a year.


7. When I send a client an initial preview of development getting underway and they respond with a giant email listing everything not completed yet.


8. When a client is insistent upon having an enter page on their website.



9. When a client reports a bug that I was totally aware of but hadn’t had time to address yet.


10. When I submit a project for a website showcase and it’s accepted.


11. When I look at the source code of a site and the spacing is accomplished with lots of break tags or empty divs.


12. When I’m talking to a company’s IT person who seems to have minimal knowledge of IT.

12 real

13. Remembering a deadline right before I’m about to go to sleep.


14. When I’m working on a project hosted on GoDaddy.


15. When I come across an awesome company with a horrible website.


16. When I completely blank on how to code something I’ve done a million times before.

blanlk out

17. When I’ve been working on a project where I feel like it’s never going to wrap up.

home now

18. When a start up pitches their complex website needs then adds that they will be paying in equity.

aint got the time


Via A Wonderful World Of Web Design