21 Things That Happen When You Date a Colleague


We spend more time with colleagues than anyone else. We share common interests because we’re in the same line of work and hook-ups are predictable when after-work drinks turn into late-night parties. And among other things sometimes proximity breeds romance.

Here’re 21 classic signs of being in a relationship with a colleague.


1. At first you keep it under wraps

Or at least try to. Lest your work situation be affected negatively or to avoid being gossiped about by the pesky colleagues.




2. But then you give up

And announce to the world you’re an item. I mean what’s the point? They’re going to notice the sizzling chemistry, the never ending glances and the coy smiles above all the work chatter anyway.





 3. A coffee break turns into a coffee marathon in no time

You’d promised Ritu that you’d be back in 10, but you bumped into the SO at the cafe and now you must make dinner or movie plans or discuss that important relationship issue, you couldn’t yesterday.



4. You could be thinking naughty in a very serious meeting  

You are totally trying to concentrate on this year’s business strategy here. You are. But the chemistry in the room is too strong and you can’t help but think about how much you’d like to kiss them right there, then.




5. No one has ever seen you two apart

Be it coming into work or having all the meals together, or even sitting next to each other, your colleagues have never seen you two apart. It’s like you’re a split version of one person. So much so that people start taking the two of you as one entity. “Are Anurag and Ritika coming into work today?” , “Have they got promoted”?




6. An outbound program turns into a romantic trip

Bond with your team they said, but soon your work trip is your personal romantic getaway. Especially the ones at exotic resorts and outside the city. And the best part is, your romance is at the company’s tab.


Mad Men Office Party



7. You could be discussing your ratings over a romantic candlelight dinner or beers at the pub.

Yes, you have met your expectations for the quarter. Both professionally and personally.

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 8. You bond over mutual hatred

Your favourite move in bed could well be discussing a colleague or a boss you both hate.





 9. At times you feel spaced out

You spend pretty much all of the time with each other, at work and outside and soon it starts to get a bit claustrophobic. You start looking to make other friends and do other activities after work that do not involve each other.



10. Your success is their success

A professional accomplishment is more like a personal aim now. Who wouldn’t like to impress their girl with a gold award or a  hefty pay hike?




11. You don’t have to explain your stressful work situation to your SO

The best part of dating a coworker is that they understand the implications of your role and the pressure you deal with that may affect your personal plans with them. You don’t have to explain or have arguments if they refuse to understand you.

Roger Sterling Mad men

12. The corporate chat is another medium for your naughty tete-a-tetes

SMS, calls, emails, Facebook are clearly not enough. Try as you might, the romance spills out over the work chat and chances are a colleague has looked over your shoulder and caught the stray “muah” or seen you go puppy face over the computer.



13. You’ve almost got into trouble for a random PDA temptation 

In the beginning of the relationship, you couldn’t help keep your hands off each other, and the confines or the sanctity of office were no detractors. You’ve made out in a cabin or the office terrace at some point and almost got caught.

And while doing the above might have been too bold for you, you have at least played a harmless footsie under your desk at some point.

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14. There’s no chance for a harmless flirting affair in office.

An affair in office? Don’t even think about it. “How dare you pass the file to Riya from accounts?”



15. Making work related excuses is well neigh impossible

While they understand your stress and pressure, they also know that you really are not as busy as you could otherwise make it sound.

“Sorry babe. Boss pulled me into a meeting”

“No way I saw him leave early!” 


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16. If you live together, the commute to office means a shared ride.

Which means not only additional time spent with each other, but saving!




17. You’re miserable when they go away for long.

So used to seeing them all the time, that your office life is suddenly miserable when they are sent away on a work trip. And that’s when you probably made your first attempt to get to know other people.


18. But when they come back, it rains gifts.

It’s chocolates for the lesser mortals, but YOU the queen of their office and home life, are showered with gifts from the trip, and the colleagues are jealous.




19. If they quit before you, they’re a frequent visitor to “your” office.

You then visit each other’s office all the time and others can barely tell if you’ve actually quit!

 work relationships


20. Fights get awkward

So if you’ve had a bitter fight and/or you decided to take a break, but how is it going to be possible when they’re everywhere? Lifts, meetings, team celebrations, the works. Just like the good times, even the bad times are more intense when you’re in a relationship with your co-worker.




21. No matter how busy work gets, both of you can still manage to spend quality time together.

The best part about work relationships is, you could be working on a stressful project, crunching numbers, clocking 16 hour days at work, but at the end of the day you’re together in it. All that work stress is mitigated by their love and company. And finally you look forward to coming into work as much as you love going back home.



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