6 Things You Can Buy For The Price Of An iPhone 7

Apple released its brand new Apple iPhone 7 at a glittering event last week. It has an incredible camera, a faster processor, and is water resistant like never before – CEO Tim Cook called it the best iPhone ever made. But it doesn’t come cheap. Apple has just released the prices for its new phones in India, and they’re clearly amongst the highest for any phone ever. If you’re a discerning customer who wants nothing but the best, the top end 256 GB iPhone 7S Plus costs a whopping Rs. 92,000.

But if you’re a really discering customer, you wouldn’t buy an iPhone 7S Plus. Here are some other things that you can buy for Rs. 92,000.


 1. An entire home gym

The iPhone has a gazillion little apps that tell you about your health – your heart rate, your blood pressure, perhaps even the Vastu-ordained time when you should work out…but how about actually working out? For the price of an iPhone, you could buy a kickass home gym. No excuses for not going to they gym, no expensive gym memberships.

home gym

High end treadmill: Rs. 37,999

Exercise bike: Rs. 9,399

Cross trainer: Rs. 16,899

Rowing machine: Rs. 9,995

Fitness bench: Rs. 3,296

Dumbells set: Rs. 4,699

And since we have money left over, you can also buy a tennis racket, a badminton racket, a table tennis bat, a cricket bat and a football, while you’re at it.


2. Books for 15 years

Sure you can read some books on your iPhone, but it isn’t really the same thing. There’s nothing that compares to the charm or reading a physical book while curled up in your room. Also, being nerdy is cool these days – this huge library in your house is likely to impress all those who have “sapiosexual” listed on their Twitter bios.


Considering the average title costs Rs. 500, you can buy 184 books for the price of an iPhone. At one book per month, that’s enough to last you 15 long years.


3. Two Cows

Granted, cows aren’t topping any purchase lists the the average millennial, but they’re underrated. The iPhone claims it’s black? This cow is blacker. The iPhone is water resistant? This cow positively loves frolicking in the water. And with the BJP currently in power, it can never be a bad investment.

cow online

This fine young cow is available for half the price of an iPhone on Olx.



4. …or 4 goats

Cows too big and cumbersome? Have no fear. For the price of an iPhone, you can get 4 of these cute young goats. Imagine how badass you’d look going down the street with your entourage of 4 goats. 



5. The average Indian

India’s GDP per capita in 2013 was $1,497. That’s Rs. 1,00,000, and that’s how much the average person earns in the country. For marginally more than a price of an iPhone (or less than an iPhone with the AirPods), you can basically hire the average Indian person. Siri doesn’t understand your accent – they will.



6. A literal kidney

We wish we were making this one up, but we aren’t. You can get a kidney for less than the price of an iPhone. Lakshmiram Hansda from Bindol in West Bengal sold his kidney for Rs. 80,000 in 2012. He worked as a labourer, and when someone offered him a kidney, it seemed like a good deal.