People Share Best Stock Photos That Worst Describe Their Jobs In A Hilarious Twitter Trend

Every once in a while people find ways to see humour in their otherwise grunt and tedious jobs.  Other times, people realise that stock photos can be meme goldmine. This Twitter trend marries the two. 

People from across the world are sharing Stock Photos that worst describe their jobs. Fictional or otherwise. And the descriptions are hilarious! 

Check out some of the best from the #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob trend.


1. This is why everyone loves going to the gynaec


2. The librarian with a curious finger placement

3. This is why the employee surveillance softwares are on a rise

4.  College professors, they’re just like us


5. All pharmacists would vouch for this, clearly.

6. Optometrists exactly know how to not see the right way to do things

7.  Architects weigh in…


8.  Weather reporters keeping it simple


9.  Train engineers leading safety protocols by example


10. Balance sheets, Profit and Loss statements, what’s that? This is really what accountants do.


11.  Offered without comment


12.  Project managers doing important important project management things


13. Environmental Researchers are just stars waiting to be discovered…under a lens.


14. Chefs know what it takes 

15.  Really all corporate whiteboard markings in the board room boil down to this


16.  Doing God’s job here


17.  Canvas artists sometimes double up as theatre artists

18. Writers will relate with this accurate description of their workflow


19. Are you even a games designer if you don’t look like one of its characters?


20. Harambe died for this.