15 Brutally Honest Job Titles ( And their real meanings)

Mcdonalds famously calls its HR managers, Chief Happiness Officers.

And in today’s job market and a world of MBA-fied nomenclature, a rubbish collector is a “waste management and disposal technician” rather than a bin man, while subway staff are known as “sandwich artists”. 

We bring you 20 of the other fancy job titles and their brutally honest (but hilarious) meanings, done by the fun folks at someecards.


1. This guy can make or break your company. These social media strategists probably did the latter.



2. Stalking is strictly professional.




3. “Hey can you get me a cup of coffee to my cabin and close the door?”




4.  Out of budget this quarter




5.  The reason why you look forward to those agency meetings.




6.  Alternatively, spinner of cliches.




7.  “Hello Yes, Mrs Sen, No No Mr Sen is just out for a client lunch”

Are you thinking Joanne from Mad Men? We are

executive assiatnt



8. Or a pretty face the first thing you see in the office.




9. Why, our Bollywood celebs would relate with the sentiment.

brand ambassador



10.  And chief wire untangler.




11.  “We are unable to comment at this point”




12.  Often entrusted with the task of making the logo bigger.

Graphic Designer


13. About that.



14. Yes sir, I’ll just be back in a minute. Please hold while you hear this one minute flute solo.




15. And finally. I know what comes to mind. This CEO






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