Employees Hilariously Photoshop Sleeping Boss Into Memes

There are employees who’d be scared to speak in front of their CEOs and bosses. But then there’re some that rely on a sense of humour.

When Zeev Farbman, the CEO of the Tel Aviv based tech startup Lightricks dozed off at work, the employees took it in their hands to make it the most memorable slumber he would have fallen in. All while making sure the company’s app got its moment in the sun with a viral-worthy post. They took a photo of him sleeping and then let Photoshop do its magic and turned him into as many as 10 memes! 

Here’s the original photo of the unsuspecting CEO catching some much needed shuteye.



And here on the enthusiastic employees take over.

1. He’s the genie who fulfills all their wishes in the company?



2. Whose paste?3-Photoshop-Funny-CEO-Falls-Asleep-Work-Employees-Edit-Memes


3. Boss Simpson


5. Rage of the machines



6. Classic


7. Little Mr Bosserina



8. Putting their mouths where their money is



9. And the Oscar goes to



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