Co-Workers: Five Personalities You’ll Encounter In Any Workplace

An office is a crazy place, isn’t it!? It’s not absurd to think that by throwing a bunch personalities together, problems will arise. That said, we do our best at tolerating our co-workers when they’re particularly difficult to deal with. Sure, we’re good friends with some of them, but the others grind our gears on a daily basis!  Let’s have a look at a few examples of personalities you’ll find in the workplace.


1.The Overly-Organized Worker

bored at work

You know what I’m talking about! This is the person who won’t let you rearrange their set of pencils without screaming bloody murder. They place everything so carefully in their linbins that if you dare touch anything, they’ll be all over you like a rash. Don’t expect them to give you spare paper clips or staples, either. It’s a lost cause with this one.

2.The Chatterbox


Have you ever gone into the office and been presented with a pile of paperwork that needs to be done immediately? Once the shock wears off, and you’ve gulped five different brands of coffee down your throat, it’s time to sit and get down to business. However, your entire morning is then ruined by the chatterbox who wants to discuss last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. We don’t care right now; let us do our work.


3.The Snitch

poisoning people

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your boss, your co-workers or simply a rude customer; things tick you off from time to time. We often take out our irritations on our co-workers, but there’s always that one who snitches on you. They’ll go to the boss and tell them you acted inappropriately or make bizarre comments about it when the customer comes back to see you. You can’t trust these people with anything, so it’s best to keep your mouth zipped for now.


4.The Lazy One


How annoying is it when you’re working your socks off, and you observe someone else just idly browsing Facebook? You’ve already asked them to do a task for you five times, yet they continue to waste time and laze about. They’re dragging the company down and creating more work for you, yet they (and the management) seem oblivious to it.


5.The Boss


There are some fantastic bosses out there, but there are some real stinkers as well. You know what I’m talking about; the ones who unfairly pick on their employees for a joke. How about the ones who have no idea what’s going on in their own business?  We probably shouldn’t even mention the bosses who pile work on you at the last minute and expect it to be done the same day.

If you work in an environment where all five of these personalities exist, congratulations for sticking it out this far! Whatever you do, keeping working hard and do your best to meet those deadlines despite the distractions around you. Keep your thoughts to yourself, and put sellotape over the chatterbox’s mouth. Actually, don’t do that last one.