A Developer And Designer Match On Tinder, Hilarity Ensues

“I hope we can merge without any conflicts,” isn’t your typical pick up line, but dating etiquette is thrown out of the window when two nerds happen to match on Tinder.

Gabriel Lewis, an iOS developer from San Francisco posted a Tinder conversation on Twitter. After ascertaining their mutual nerdy interests, him and his Tinder match engage in a nerdy battle of wits.

“Wouldn’t mind giving you a unit test,” he begins. “Only if I can call you CSS cause i like your style,” his match cheekily replies. 

“Girl let me gather your requirements.” he hits back. “Damn boy GIT me some of that.”

Things are getting interesting.

“I hope we can merge without any conflicts,” he offers. “Lets do a pull request and make it official,” come the reply.

It’s Tinder, so an NSFW turn was expected. “Do you approach your sprints in waterfalls because you’re making me wet.”



That’s where the chat tantalizingly ends. With all that effort put in, one hopes that they managed to “merge without any conflicts” though.