This Girl Has Been Making Money Off A Simple Yet Hilarious Scam On Tinder


If you thought that the worst thing you could get off Tinder is an STD and some lower self esteem, think again.

Maggie Archer, a student of Western State University, has discovered a way to make money off lovelorn singles on Tinder. Unlike perpetrators of other scams, she doesn’t assume a fake identity. She doesn’t concoct a fake story with inheritances and bank accounts. She doesn’t even have a sob story. She, quite simply, asks her victims for money.

Archer’s Tinder description says, “Send me $5 and see what happens.” 

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 2.04.11 PM



Intrigued users often message her about the offer. Archer remains coy about what the fiver will actually get people – even when pointedly asked, all she says is “Send it and find out,” and adds a winky smiley for good measure. 


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Incredibly, people have been falling for it hook, line and sinker. Maggie accepts payments through PayPal, and proudly showed off her loot on her PayPal dashboard.

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And what does Maggie do when people demand to know what their $5 will get them? She simply unmatches the connection, making sure she never hears from then again.

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Archer has shared her little gimmick on Twitter, where it’s been going viral. Her scam is breathtaking in its audacity, yet deceptively simple. Maggie doesn’t really promise anything when she asks for the $5; all is does is ask her hapless victims to wait and watch what happens when they hand over their money. And nothing ever happens, other than the demoralizing notification of having been unmatched by Archer.

It helps that the amount per person is low, so her victims probably resign themselves to a chuckle than going to the police; Maggie gets some easy beer money while in college. And Tinder users learn that nothing in life is free – especially not love.