GundaJoy Helps You Book Your Friendly Neighbourhood Gunda

If you’d been wondering where to find goons to beat up your cheating boyfriends or get back money from friends who don’t repay the money they owe you, don’t fear . A new startup, GundaJoy, aims to provide on-demand access to henchmen through its revolutionary doorstep gunda delivery app.

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Except that it doesn’t. The site is a spoof run by Comicoast, a brand new comedy initiative started by Jim, an IIT alumnus. “All of us are working with startups – so we could connect with the idea instantly.”, he tells OfficeChai.

The site parodies the typical startup site with its sleek interface,  its use of modern large icons, and its oh-so-startup lingo. “We are an online, hyperlocal, on-demand, marketplace for Goons. The professional Gunda market is currently unorganized and valued at 837 Billion Dollars.”, the site’s introduction boldly proclaims. It then lists out its services – GundaTalk allows users to send a phone call from a gunda to their adversaries, while GundaX provides them with an in-person meeting. GundaBlack, their top service, ominously warns users that their target had better not have brittle bones.

The procedure to sign up is simple – you fill out a simple form, get a quotation, select a gunda, and relax. The site then introduces the henchmen in a section called “Meet Our Professionals”

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While the site is currently a spoof, and Jim and his team created it in their spare time, you never know where things might lead these days.

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