How Should Ideal Interviews At These 10 Top Tech Companies Look Like

It’s rather dull that some of the world’s most innovative companies follow a standard interview process. More often that not, the candidates are far too cautious about putting a wrong foot out and stick to well revised interview answers.

But Bright Side had different ideas about how interviews at the top companies should go with this fictional interview series. The candidates get cheeky and reply to the questions in the company’s own product language and cashing in on some of the stereotypes associated with the work culture in the company. We’d love to see some of these actually being tried in real interviews. (For a start, these candidates made resumes that integrated the company’s offerings.)

1. Interview at #Instagram


2. Interview at Ikea


3. Interview at Samsung

(alternatively, you can blow your interview.)


4. Interview at Volvo

(Remember Van Damm?)7403860-13-0-1478012638-1478012655-650-26b2473068-1-1478102729

5. Interview at Google.


6. Interview at L’oreal 


7. Interview at Starbucks


8.  Let’s hope that this is not real postal guys are hired.


9. Now that’s vanity metric you can’t ignore.


10. Can I have some fries with that?