18 Lies You Tell In Your Interviews And What They Really Mean

Let’s face it. We’ve all peppered our interviews and resumes with these little and big lies and exaggerations, one or a few at a time. Lying may often make us sound more impressive than we are, get us the job and the employers don’t really discover until too late.


1. “I work really well with a team”



2. “I’m sincere and hard working”




3. “I can put in 20 hours in the job if need be”


aint got the time


4. “I have impeccable grammar and communication skills”


communication skills


5. “In 5 years time, I see myself as a successful leader in this organization”

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6. “I can speak <Language needed for the job> fluently.”



7. “I’m proficient at <insert complicated software>





8. “I work well under pressure”



9. “My biggest weakness is that I’m a perfectionist”



10. “I can multitask really well”



11. “I’m a creative problem solver”

problem solver


12. “I’m a people’s person”


poisoning people



13. “I’m willing to go the extra mile to get the job done”


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14. “It’s the quality of work, and not the money that motivates me”




15. “I will give my 100% to my work”




16. I have always been a go-getter.

marry rich


17. I want to join your organization to grow as a person and seek a bigger challenge

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