Apple’s iPhone X Unlocks By Reading Your Face, And Twitter Can’t Stop Making Jokes

Apple unveiled its $999 iPhone X yesterday. It’s a pretty slick device — it has something called the Super Retina HD display, a 12 MegaPixel camera, and 3D touch. But the feature that caught the imagination of the watching masses was Face Id — Apple’s new phone was going to unlock itself magically by studying your face when you looked into it.

iphone x jokes

It’s pretty impressive technology — Apple says it uses multiple cameras, Infrared technology, and Neural networks to identify the person unlocking the phone. But Twitter wasn’t as convinced. Jokes soon began about all the things that could go wrong with Apple’s revolutionary technology.

There was concern, in particular, for people who couldn’t be seen.

There are also some concern over people who were duplicitous.

Some people thought that certain people would have an unfair advantage with the phone.


And people wondered if the technology could be misused.


Other people had more practical concerns.

But people mostly were amazed at how far selfies had come.