Ordinary Man Made Famous By The Internet During The US Presidential Debate Lands Uber Ad

The internet is a strange place. It can create heroes out of normal people with as much potency as it can become the troll hub for the others. (Ask Trump.)

In the second US presidential debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton last week, one man in the audience stood out and as of yesterday has scored an Uber endorsement.  

The man was Ken Bone, who stepped up from the audience section and asked both the candidates a question and became an overnight sensation  When the debate was firing on all cylinders and rating high on the nasty meter, Bone asked, in all earnesty, a legit question about the energy policies of both the candidates. In a debate marked by mud slinging and name calling, Bone’s genuine question stuck out as a bit of a charmer. His name,  his signature moustache and red sweater were probably part of the charm.

ken bone question

And before Bone could even step out of the conference venue, he’d become an internet hero. Thousands of tweets have been pushed out discussing him, memes have been dedicated to him, he’s been interviewed by channels, conducted an AMA, has a sweater line dedicated to him, and now he’s even landed an Uber deal and has his own Tshirt line.

image: Vice

Bone, who was “undecided about his vote” during the debate, has finally decided his tweet says. The selection though is neither in favour of Trump or Clinton, but rather an Uber Select.

Ride hailing giant Uber has signed on Bone to endorse Uber Select – a luxury ride option – riding on Bone’s newfound popularity. Uber who’s known for their creative marketing hacks has rolled out a blogpost announcing the partnership, and Bone has promoted a discount code on his Twitter, while wearing a Tshirt from his signature line.

Like they say, make hay while the sun shines.