Microsoft Email Refers To Intern As ‘Bae’ And Invites Him To ‘Get Lit’

Now, Microsoft is one of the largest and greatest companies in the world. But it’s not exactly what you associate with “cool”. Come on it’s the same company that made Powerpoint and Excel!

However, if an email to an intern is to go by, Microsoft is trying to turn things around and get into the cool club. (A prom more like though.)

A company recruiter emailed a Microsoft intern informing him about an upcoming visit and suggesting hanging out but most importantly coming to the afterparty at the “Internapalooza”, and getting “lit.” (Cool for getting drunk.)

With over 3000 retweets, the intern’s roommate’s tweet’s gone viral, and unsurprisingly he’s been approached by various reporters for a bite. However, an official email from Microsoft (And not by Kim from the email) has asked him to strictly not engage publicly with the media about it.


Microsoft is fresh off a Linkedin purchase and we wonder if the new purported intern-company bonding is a part of the transition plan.

Whatever, Microsoft, getting lit up on a Monday night sounds just about right.