The Very Best Jokes And Memes From GitHub’s Acquisition By Microsoft

Hell hath no fury like an open-source developer scorned.

After Bloomberg reported today that Microsoft had agreed to acquire GitHub, developers across the world appear have taken to their keyboards to express their shock and dismay. GitHub had been a bit of a refuge for open-source developers to create and share their code, and there have been concerns that Microsoft, which makes most of its money selling software, won’t share its core values. Twitter has been abuzz with memes and tweets from developers, anxious over how GitHub will change after it becomes a part of the Microsoft family.

Someone brought out Clipply, Microsoft’s Office beloved assistant, and tried to fit him within the GitHub universe.

Other people thought that Microsoft would use GitHub to up-sell its other products, including its own cloud solution, Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure has been gaining on Amazon AWS over the years, and now commands a 20% share of the market, compared to AWS’s 62%.

More horrifyingly, someone photoshopped an ad for Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s web browser, into a GitHub screen.

And others wondered how GitHub’s UI might change after the acquisition.

For some, a simple gif was enough.

And others tried making light of the situation.

Others went full meta — in 2016, Microsoft had acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion.

Some people joked that developers would start moving to competitor GitLab.


But then someone found out that people were actually leaving —  a Twitter user pulled up a graph showing how imported projects had spiked on GitHub after the news had broken.

But others thought that the outrage was going to be short lived.

And ultimately, developers might just be to used to GitHub to consider switching. 

But whether GitHub sees a developer exodus or not, one thing is clear — the tweets might just have been worth it.