Mumbai Ad Agency Welcomes New Honcho With Much Song & Dance

This agency MD didn’t have to make the employees dance to his tunes. They did it on their own.

Think first days at work and images of introduction sessions, a lacklustre half day or at best some fun games, come to mind. But if you’re an ad agency, the mecca of all things creative and viral, can you welcome your newly hired honcho in a conventional way? This Mumbai based agency clearly didn’t think so. The agency Interface Communications, part of the FCB Ulka group pulled out at no stops to welcome its newly appointed group MD and CEO Rohit Ohri with a Bollywood song number. The employees dressed up in Indian baraati (dancers at a wedding) garb and presumably also had the MD, who watched the proceedings in rapt attention, don a turban to complete the ambience. Bollywood songs involving the word welcome were used as tracks to choice to dance to. The office floor turned into a stage.


Mumbai Ad Agency welcomes their New Group Chairman and MD, the Baraati way! 😉

Posted by Jashna Bhalla on Thursday, 7 January 2016


Apart from delighting the new employee, the video has won the ad agency some brownie points with this rather interesting approach.