Now Selling: A Candle Smells Like A Just-Opened Macbook

The Macbook is a truly wondrous bit of hardware. It’s sleek, it’s powerful, and if Apple fans are to be believed, it also smells delightful.

An Apple accessory maker from South Carolina is now selling something called New Mac Candle, which supposedly smells like a newly opened Macbook. For $24, or Rs. 1,500, the candle will transport Apple fans to the magical moment when they first opened their Macbook (and probably cradled it like their firstborn). While a Macbook’s unboxing is disappointingly fleeting, Apple fans can now make the memory linger through the candle, which through its combination of “mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin and sage,” shall transport them to that seminal moment when they first found true love.



The uses of the New Mac Candle, though, can extend beyond bringing back fond memories. Those too poor to afford a Macbook and sneakily hide the candle somewhere in the homes, and convince their friends, family and potential dates that they can afford a Rs. 1,15,000 computer. Those who miss Steve Jobs can have the sage presence of the candle by their bedsides when they sleep.


new mac candle


And the candle has already found its audience. Less than a day after their launch, the candles are already sold out, and are possibly safely in homes around the world, bringing cheer and comfort to their new owners.

Never change Apple fans, never change.