How Online Sales Really Work

You’re walking past a store, and your jaw drops. The dress is perfect. It’s the right shade, it’s the right style, and you’d look smashing in it. And it’s perfect for your next college party. The dress is love.

how online sales work


You rush into the store, eager to get your hands on the queen among dresses. The dress will soon be yours! But then you spot the price tag.
how online sales work


Poverty sucks.

how online sales work


You’ve given up on landing the dress of your dreams. You’re resigned to being THAT person at the party.

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You’re idly browsing your computer in your dressless glory and you see it again — the dress is available at the next-mega-grand-bumper e-commerce sale!

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But the online price isn’t kind on your wallet either. But you’re smart — you try to see if you can manage to get more discounts with coupons and deals from Desidime and cashback and gift card offers from Zingoy.

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Turns out you can! Even your battered, humble wallet can afford the dress now!

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You go ahead and order the dress, feeling like the princess you are. All there is to do is for wait for it to arrive.You can’t stop tracking your order status.



And you can’t stop thinking about it.

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When it finally arrives, you greet the delivery person like a long-lost friend.

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But now you have the dress of your dreams, and you’re ready to slay.
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