Rakhi Sawant Is Now Traumatizing The Android Mascot At Google’s Headquarters

The Googleplex is Mountain View, in some respects, is the ground zero of technology. It’s Google’s headquarters, and is a magnet for technocrats, entrepreneurs, and some of the smartest people in the world.

And Rakhi Sawant, it turns out.

The onetime item girl is apparently on a tour to California, and decided to step by Google’s offices. And Google’s large Android caught her fancy. “Ye mujhe bahut satata hai (He bugs me a lot),” she purrs in the camera, making it sound like a long lost lover. “But mere phone ko bhi clean karta hai (But it cleans my phone too),” she admits, which of course is exactly what an operating system does. And she settles the ambivalence by giving it bear hug and an entirely-too-long peck on the cheek. 

If the Android mascot could speak, it would be asking for some therapy right now.