11 Reasons Why A Startup Is Exactly Like A Girlfriend

1. Hitting upon that perfect startup idea is a lot like falling in love – your heartbeat intensifies, you feel all tingly all over, and you can’t get it out of your head.



2. But if it’s the hottest idea, there is already a lot of competition.

Food tech in early 2015


2. Naturally, your parents don’t approve of your career choices.

Log kya kahenge?!


3. As don’t most of your friends.

Ishq_Ghost_Scene_With_Subtitles_Aamir_Khan_Ajay_Devgn_Juhi_Chawla_Kajol (1)
He wants to be the next Steve Jobs!



4. But before you get to win their love, there’ a hurdle to cross – the VC.

amreesh puri


6. Eventually they say yes! You’re funded.

Jaa startup, le le meri funding



7. That’s when the problems begin. Your startup take away your sleep…

Tu_Tu_Hai_Wohi_2003_HD_Indian_Song_FLV (1)


8. ..your time

Aana_Mere_Pyar_Ko_Kabhi_Haan_Kabhi_Naa_Shah_Rukh_Khan_Suchitra_Krishnamurthy (1)


9. and your money.



10. But you don’t mind. You’re in love with your startup, and there’s no getting away.



11. And you’re in for the long haul.

Zinda_Rehti_Hain_Mohabbatein_Mohabbatein_HD (1)