While Some People Were Busy Giving One-Star Ratings To Snapchat, Twitter Couldn’t Stop Coming Up With These Memes

It’s not been the best couple of days to be an Indian online. First, Uber Bangalore General Manager Christian Freese said that Indians were “rather locked up at home” before Uber came into the country, and couldn’t go out much on weekends. Then a report claimed that Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel had once said that he didn’t want to expand into India because it was too poor, and his app was only meant for rich people.


Spiegel’s statement had lots of mixed reactions. While some Indians went berserk on the Play Store, peppering Snapchat with one-star ratings, Twitter was irreverent as ever.

Some people looked for creative ways to be able to deserve the app.

Others disputed if India was poor at all.

While some felt Spiegel wasn’t far off the mark.

Some people tried reimagining the Snapchat logo.

While others tried to make do with the “poor” tag.

But people mostly wanted Evan Spiegel to come to India to see all the poverty first hand, Munnabhai-style.