SpaceX Sent Starman Into Space In A Tesla, And Spawned Thousands Of Memes

Last night, SpaceX dished out what will likely become an iconic image for decades to come — Elon Musk’s personal cherry-red Tesla Roadster flying off into space, as the earth slowly receded in the background. But the Tesla also had a passenger. A mannequin, whom Musk had dubbed Starman, had been strapped to the front seat. And while the internet was in awe of SpaceX’s achievement, Starman quickly became a meme.

People hoped he was having a nice ride.

And thought that a car would look rather out of place in space.

Lots of Uber jokes were made.


People also took digs at Apple Maps.

And put Starman in popular memes.

Indians too got into the act, comparing him to some famous drivers.

And people came up with conspiracy theories.

 Pop culture references, too, were aplenty. 

But people ultimately applauded the achievement — humanity might be currently embroiled in wars and petty feuds, but even a billion years from now, Starman will still be in space, gently floating away in his red Tesla.