Twitter Explodes With Memes After Cafe Coffee Day Employee Slaps Customer Who’d Found A Cockroach

You’d think that having cockroaches found in the fridge might be a worst-case scenario for a food outlet, but that’s only until your employee ends up slapping the customer who reports it.

Cafe Coffee Day happened to be in this unfortunate position yesterday. Its ordeal was made worse by the fact that the entire incident was captured on video, which promptly went viral. And while the charges are still unproven – lawyers from both sides are currently negotiating on the case – Twitter lost no time in holding forth on the matter.

Some people started reimagining the coffee that CCD serves.



Then somebody came up with an alternate logo for the brand…

…while others iterated on it.

Others wondered how the high-handedness of the employee would affect customers who’d want to complain in the future.

Some people got really technical.

While others felt that the slapping employee’s talents could’ve been better used.