United Airlines Gets Hilariously Trolled By Rival Airlines After It Beats Up Passenger

American carrier United Airlines is under fire for having forcibly dragged a passenger out of its flight, leaving him bloodied and bruised.  The entire incident was caught on tape, and the airline is being lambasted for its behaviour. The bad PR is hurting – United has lost over a billion dollars in market cap since the video went viral. And in its moment of shame, it’s the competing airlines that have also found the perfect opportunity to troll their rival with some tongue-in-cheek social media posts of their own.

It all started when this image of a purported ad by Southwest Airlines began doing the rounds on Twitter. While the airline was being lauded for its bold stand, it turned out that was a work of someone’s fertile imagination and has nothing to do with Southwest.img_4105But other airlines did end up coming with some sick – and official –  burns of their own. Royal Jordanian airline dropped this bombshell.

Gulf royalty Emirates went as far as create new video commercial aimed at United.

And while Southwest didn’t release any ads, its attendants weren’t losing the chance to poke fun at United Airlines.


It’s not just rival airlines. Social media is roasting the airline too.

united airlines jokes memes

And back home in India, another airline is in news for quite the converse incident, people aren’t refraining from making comparisons. For once, Air India is getting to shine.

air india united airlines meme



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