Twitter Explodes With Memes After Liqour Baron Vijay Mallya Arrested In London

Vijay Mallya was arrested in London by Scotland Yard, and produced at a magistrate court. Mallya had no inkling that his arrest was imminent – hours before he was picked, Mallya was happily tweeting about the Bahrain Grand Prix. But Twitter was quick to react to his arrest.

Many people joked that given his team RCB’s performance, he really wouldn’t want to be back.

Some people felt that the banks – to whom he owes over Rs. 9,000 crore – would have mixed reactions to his arrival.

Given recent events, it’s not only Mallya who needed to be worried.

And the conspiracy theories began pretty quickly.

People had begun wondering what his incarceration would be like.


And some felt that with this arrest, the Modi government had fulfilled a long-held promise.