Whatsapp Has Added A New Status Feature, And The Memes Are Coming Thick And Fast

Whatsapp today released its much-awaited status feature, through which users can now graduate from drab text statuses to statuses that use images, video and gifs. With this update, Whatsapp is starting a look a lot like Snapchat, with its full-screen pictures and its the ability to embellish them with text and emoticons.

However, not everyone is pleased.

People in particular are concerned that there might just be too many storytelling apps out there.

Others think that the feature is a little too “inspired” by Snapchat.

People were also concerned that the Whatsapp status, being available to all people who have your phone number, might be a lot less honest than Snapchat stories.


People also wondered how their parents would react to the change.

And while some bemoaned the update, and hankered for good old times…


…true loyalists showed that no mere update could defeat them.