Mark Zuckerberg Lets Us Take A Peek Inside Facebook’s Huge And Geeky Hardware Lab

To most users, Facebook is a website and a mobile app we log into everyday, see photos and videos on. But behind this ubiquitous internet giant, lies acres of physical space, employees, and hardware that makes Facebook and its vision for the future happen.

Not satisfied with having built and leading the world’s biggest online social network, Facebook wants to dominate the world, and to that, some of its future offering includes Virtual Reality sets, Solar powered planes, Wifi emiting machines, and of course ever bigger servers to secure all that information you share with it.

CEO Mark Zuckberg has just shared scintillating photos from the lab that will make all of this.

“The new lab is the size of half a football field and is filled with everything from a 5-axis water jet that can cut through steel and granite to a 9-axis mill-turn lathe. It’s even got an electron microscope and a CT scanner that will let engineers examine components for failure analysis. All this gear was so heavy that we had to remove the floor of the building and drill down to the bedrock to put in new foundation.”, says Zuck.

Here’s a look inside this lab, which is full of large, beautiful and scary looking machines that the geek in you will love.













 “There is so much to do and we have some exciting times ahead!” 

We are also looking forward to seeing everything you create, Facebook!