Inside Smartworks Stunning Managed Office Spaces

In the realm of corporate environments, numerous companies have crafted awe-inspiring offices, with the likes of Google achieving legendary status. Tech giants such as Meta and Apple also boast iconic workspaces. However, not every company can afford the extravagance of modern amenities, meticulously crafted workspaces, premium locations, and the ambiance of global brand surroundings, primarily due to the hefty costs involved. Going beyond traditional office setups, managed office space providers like Smartworks have emerged as facilitators of world-class infrastructure, comprehensive campus spaces, technologically enabled environments, and top-notch amenities, catering to companies of diverse profiles and requirements.

Gurugam-based Smartworks offers managed workspace solutions across 14 cities and 40+ centres in India. These facilities are customizable and fully managed, and can accommodate teams of all sizes and stages. Companies including Accenture, EY, HP, Starbucks, Samsung, Honeywell, Persistent Systems and Moglix use Smartworks’ managed spaces to house their employees.

And it’s not hard to see why. 

Smartworks offices are world-class, tech-enabled, and offer amenities comparable to those provided by top companies, yet value-priced. Smartworks AP 81 office space in Pune, for instance, is located amidst the hustle bustle of Koregaon Park. 

Its entrance lobby is a spectacle to behold, with marbled floors and luxurious lighting. The walls are tastefully done up with interesting works of art. 

Smartworks has its own app, which allows access into its offices and to services.

The office itself has several breakout areas, with a wide variety of seating options. The bright blue walls are offset by the more sedate grey carpet, and a wood paneled ceiling. 

The office has its own cafeteria, which allows for people to quickly get together for collaborative catch-ups over coffee and chai. 

The overall colour palette is dark and rich, with shades of blue and brown balanced with pastel shades.

There’s also interesting interplay of shapes, with the straight lines of the floor tiles mixing up with the graceful curves of the arched doorways. The green plants add a dash of life to the space.

But this isn’t Smartworks’ only managed office space in Pune. The company has over 2 mn sq.ft. in the region with seven fully managed office spaces. Another aesthetically designed office is Smartworks M-Agile in Baner. The office lobby appears to pay tribute to Pune’s automotive industry with dramatic mechanical wall art that appears to feature gears, levers and wheels.

The in-house cafeteria area has white-and-teal chairs, and a view to boot. A Smart Store within the office space comes handy for the shopping of daily essentials.

The well-equipped meeting areas are functional yet elegant, and boast some stylist works of art.

The office space has recreational areas, both indoor and outdoor, to help employees unwind in their free time. The office has a cricket pitch, as well as a foosball table.

Smartworks asserts its capability to establish these tailored office spaces within a timeframe of less than 60 days. This operational model has proven successful since its inception in 2016. Currently, Smartworks boasts of over 40+ office locations in 14 prominent Indian cities, overseeing more than 8 million square feet of office space. 

As businesses seek flexibility and agility in the post-pandemic return to offices, there is immense potential for players like Smartworks to tap into an expanded market for their well-designed and tech enabled office spaces with aspirational amenities.