Inspired By Google, The New Lookup Office Is All Things Classy And Full Of Sunshine

There are offices that serve the functional purpose of giving your employees a place to work together. Then there are those that take it notches ahead, and become not just hubs of productivity, ideas and innovation, but a showcase in themselves. The newly unveiled office of local services app startup Lookup is the latter.

Lookup has drastically grown in the past one year from a humble 4 member to over a 100 member team. This called for a new and spacious office environment, the founders tell OfficeChai.

Inspired by the Google Mountain View headquarters, the founders envisioned an environment that could bring about a dynamism in creative work processes. Spanning around 5,000 square feet in area, Lookup’s new crib in Koramangla, Bangalore, has been designed by Bhumiputra Architecture.


The principal inspiration has been the need for a flexible, flat hierarchy, open work space for a young and dynamic team so that everyone can reach out to anyone. This minimal yet confident setting helps brings about most efficiency in the new office, which was the main inspiration behind the design.

lookup Bangalore office
The co-founder Deepak Ravindran proudly poses against the meeting room.

The trademark Lookup colour, green, has been incorporated from the logo painted on glass panels to small plants strewn all over the office.

These plants help bring about a soothing calmness to the eye in addition to adding colour and life to the office.


The office houses 40 happy employees, who other working in this stunning office enjoy standing work desks and cosy cubby holes that work as focus-oriented stations as well as encourage a more active dynamic work-style.


There is even a pantry for those who need to grab a bite to eat during lunch and tea-time breaks. 

From “The Pitch” that works as a brainstorming arena by day and recreational space by night complete with a Play Station to old-school red telephone booths that work as a good space for Skype calls, this office is all things bright, sunny and stuff that makes you want to “Look Up” to.

Lookup founder Deepak Ravindran and Co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan.
Lookup founder Deepak Ravindran and the architect of the Lookup office, Alok Shetty.