Inside the Colourful, Fun And Kitschy Office Of ThoughtWorks, Pune

[This feature is part of our series on great  offices in India]

Think software, programming, coding languages and engineers, and the first imagery that pops in mind is likely going to be of functional desks, industrial layouts, a Facebook-like office, and overall a picture of all things dull, numbers and nerd-like.

However, ThoughtWorks – a software design and delivery, pioneering tools and consulting services company – is refreshingly different.  The office is bright, colourful and quirky with its interesting use of props and thoughtful details, serving as a reflection of the company’s fun, open and forward thinking work culture.  

According to Sameer Soman, managing Director for ThoughtWorks India,”In keeping the same policy in mind, through our office premises we want to create a positive social change. Hence, a significant part of the office interior is created with use of recycled pieces – like the tyres, the front of the bus, autorikshaw, etc. The set-up in the office is commonly referred as the ‘dining table’ set-up.  The square and open office layout allows for clear line of sight that encourages swift, efficient communication and clear visibility within and across team boundaries. A vibrant office space, allowing people to table best thoughts for the open source and agile way of working.”

Here is a glimpse of the ThoughtWorks Pune office.


1. The breakout areas are adorned by a real truck and auto, as a reminder to speed, agility and a focus on ecofriendliness with public transport. There’s even a meeting area inside the bus!

TWs 7 (1)


2. Antique tea kettles, chopped tea trunks, and tea-cart serve as the perfect iconic backdrops to those unlimited cuppas at work.


TWs4 (1)



3. There’s a dedicated reading steampunk-themed corner to grab that cup of tea and soak in some knowledge in between challenging work problems.


TWs1 (1)


4. One can enjoy a great view while lounging on these comfortable, and yet ecofriendly repurposed tires.

TWs11_Conductin Workshops (1)


5. The office recreational zones are not only a feast to one’s eyes but also music to the ears. Care for some bread and ‘jam’?

TWs9_dinning area+performance center (1)


6. Everyday is a bring your kid to work day with this dedicated children’s play area.

TWs10_For the kids (1)


7. Finally, before, after and in between all the fun and chilling, the 800+ employees create cutting-edge technology and solve challenging problems here at these open-plan workstations.

TWs6 (1)


Gone are the days when a Google office was the last word in office spaces. With the focus on creating beautiful, thoughtful and ecofriendly spaces, not only are concept offices bringing out the most productivity out of their employees, but also enabling them to enjoy spending most their time at the workplace.