5 Reasons to Launch a White Label SEO Startup

Startups have an alarming failure rate. In fact, 8 out of 10 businesses die within a short. After launch.

Many people believe that if they have a great idea for a business, they can turn that into a reliable revenue stream without much effort.  However the reality is far from this state of affairs. Launching a startup and finding a consistent source of new business is a tremendous challenge and many miss the mark.

Here are five reasons to use a white label SEO reseller to launch your digital marketing startup.

choosing a startup name

  1. Low cost of entry

The first big mistake many startup entrepreneurs make is sinking large sums of money into an untested Market or product.  Search engine optimization is now a mature market in 2019 and has the promise for significant growth as investment in digital marketing continues.

Joining an SEO reseller program allows the entrepreneur to sell a product that has been built  and tested by another firm. This translates into low capital requirements for launching a business. An SEO resller will also make sure your articles are plagiarism checker free.


  1. Product is Reliable

Another shortcoming that many first-time business owners run into is reliability. It is relatively easy to acquire one or two customers, but as your business grows service issues can cannibalize your revenue stream as customers leave due to poor deliverables.

Using a white label SEO provider assures the new business owner that the product is reliable and that service issues will not be a problem for customers.  This permits the owner to spend their time on marketing the new business and closing new deals.


  1. Healthy Profit Margins

The margins on search engine optimization are relatively healthy.  Because SEO is still a relatively new field, the cost of digital marketing services has not been commoditized.  When picking a target market to launch a startup it is important that there is enough money in the deal for healthy profits.


  1. Recurring Revenue Model

Digital marketing services require month-over-month efforts to achieve results.  An online agency is therefore able to have a recurring revenue contract with each client which is very attractive.

Many businesses struggle with repeat customer purchases and are forced to replace customers at an alarming rate due to the churn. With a recurring Revenue contract for search engine optimization services this is not a problem.


5 Sense of purpose

The internet has been called the great equalizer because it allows companies of any size access to vast markets.  Helping small businesses with their online presence can bring a strong sense of purpose to any entrepreneur.

There is no greater sense of satisfaction than knowing that you helped a small business owner achieve their dreams.  Using a reliable white label SEO product from any of the resellers available in the marketplace will accelerate results for your small business customer and bring you immense satisfaction as you see their business grow.

Startups are risky by nature. 8 out of 10 businesses fail  in a relatively short amount of time. Entrepreneurs can hedge their bets by launching a business that utilizes an SEO reseller rather than building a product from scratch. For the reasons outlined above this will improve the odds of success so that  they are among the 20% of businesses that do make it In the long run.