Manipal Graduates Develop Electronic Bar Tending Machine, Barsys

Name a need, and there’s an app for it. Technology these days can help you find jobs, cars, and even love. But what if all one wants is a nice stiff drink at the end of a long day? Some young Indian kids think they have a solution.

And it’s not just an app. It’s a large, futuristic contraption with purple lights and looks like it’s something out of Star Wars. Designed by engineers from Manipal Institute Of Technology (the place has a reputation of being India’s premier party school for a reason), Barsys is meant to get you sloshed in style.


Barsys is an automatic cocktail and mocktail dispenser which is powered by an android based operating system. It is designed to deliver drinks with precision, avoiding any spillages or glass breaks while doing so. And it’s meant to work well even for the most tipsy partygoer – the users simply chooses his drink on touch screen, the glass tray moves linearly and collects the drink from different stations. The upturned bottles bubble and pop as they dispense their contents with all the expertise of a trained bartender.

“In our final semester of college, we sat down discussed our future. We were interested in automated lifestyle products and decided to start a new venture”, say the founders. “The product development team is a mix of engineering graduates from various disciplines of Engineering. This has helped us to work as a perfect team. While developing a hardware product, the entire product development cycle is a huge challenge. There are days during research and development phase when the team just don’t reach the solutions. However when things work, that feeling of satisfaction you get is brilliant. To strive and survive through these situations, more than the engineering courses, the experiences gained in the college environment have helped us achieve this.”


The team has developed the product in 8 months straight, which is impressive considering there must’ve been booze lying around the office at all times. The product is designed for both individual users and businesses. While the price of the product is still under wraps, the founders say that they’ve been receiving encouraging responses from the people they’ve contacted so far.

While it remains to be seen if Barsys can create a buzz (heh) in the Indian party going scene, one thing’s for certain – technology is entering areas of your lives that you little thought possible.