Flipkart Launches Flipkart Assured In A Big Way With Full Page Ads & Twitter Trends

Flipkart has launched its value added customer service in Flipkart Assured where a customer gets free delivery on all orders placed on Flipkart on products tagged Flipkart Assured. The products also go through stricter quality checks and a delivery assurance in any case of any mishaps or defects in the order.

Flipkart has launched this less than a month after Amazon launched Prime in India, its own value-added service where deliveries are free along with a few other benefits for members. However, Flipkart Assured is not a membership program, rather just an additional value-add. And while Amazon Prime will cost Rs. 499 a year, Flipkart Assured comes at no extra price. The products featured under “Flipkart Assured” will automatically sync with all the benefits offered on FA.

This comes in the wake of a tensing Indian ecommerce ecosystem where Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal are locked in a competetive war, and with little to no differentiation in products, it’s the delight factor that will swing customers’ preference towards a particular etailer. Flipkart and Snapdeal have also been panned for unfavourable shopping experiences and scams ranging from delivery of bricks and stones by unscrupulous sellers. In most dipstick surveys that seek to compare Flipkart VS Amazon, Amazon’s customer service and trust has been a winning factor for the American ecommerce giant.

Flipkart assured has been rolled out in a big way with an array of online and offline promotions. Some of them include full page spread in dailies, 3 video ads, and influencer plugs. In fact the top Twitter trend today is #FlipkartAssured thanks to an army of sponsored tweets.


Flipkart has reprised the child-adult trope for the Assured ads.