Freshdesk’s New Office In Chennai Is One Part Office, Three Parts Magic

Offices in India, particularly belonging to the startups, are a new way to show you have arrived. Be it the Flipkart office with a Star Wars meeting room, or sleeping pods at Grabon Hyderabad, the new age office has evolved way beyond a collaborative space for teams to work.

Joining the league of startups invoking a “I would love to work there” feeling, is, the customer service and helpdesk management startup Freshdesk’s new office in Chennai. Apart from seriously contemporary international furniture and fixtures, the office boasts of free food, a gym, a table tennis & foosball room and a mini golf course as well. The office is a 60,000 sqft addition to an existing office of the same size, also in Chennai and is the 9th Freshdesk office in Chennai.

Here’s a glimpse into this kaleidoscopic haven.


1. This doodle captures the centre guiding principle of the company well.



2.  These colourful chairs will make you want to never get off your a** and work!



3.  But swings, because sitting still is so 2015.



4.  How about this for some mobility?



5. Just when you want to get away from the monotony of it all and just splash your work day with some colours and more swings.



7. Look at all those colours, all the shapes, all those shapes in all those colours.

12768349_10153560905253823_5518263877791032197_o (1)


8.  Thinking outside the box, while inside one.


9.  And there’s a slide thrown in for good measure! Google who?


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